Summer Girly Girls Guide

   Summer is here and we’re all dying to live our best life, going to the beaches, eating at fancy restaurants, having barbecues or picnics with family and friends, etc.

A girly girl (a high maintenance girl) will embrace her femininity all year long but summer is definitely the best season to show that side of herself to the world.

So here’s our Summer Girly Girls Guide to help you looking good and extra feminine while enjoying all those fun activities.

✿ Let’s start with the makeup. Wearing waterproof makeup during summer is highly recommended since you will sweat a lot. Makeup sweating off is the worst and we absolutely need to avoid that. Try to find some good long lasting, waterproof makeup products to get that glowy summer makeup look.

✿ Next: the nails! We’re all pink lovers here right? If yes then good news for you since we created a Pink Nails Collection on Pinterest for some summer nails inspo. Feel free to check it wether you like cute nail arts or bold acrylic nails

✿ An other point: your hair. The messy hair bun can’t be the only hairstyle you’re going to rock this summer if you’re a real girly girl! After browsing Youtube for you, we found this video with 4 simple easy summer hairstyles to elevate your look when you don’t feel like dressing up. A good hairstyle can enhance your outfit with little to no effort.

✿ Now let’s talk about fashion. Choosing the right swimwear is a nice way of expressing your femininity. Two options are available on our website: one pieces for those who prefer a chic and elegant look and bikini sets if you want to get the best tan this summer. Show off your beach body with our Pink Bikinis Sets or Pink One Pieces and tag us on Instagram so we can repost you.

✿ Regarding accessories and jewellery  wear as little as possible. Avoid heavy bracelets and necklaces as they’re going to bother you when it gets hotter outside. It’s better to choose light and soft summer accessories.

Last but not least, don’t forget the sunscreen and protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses!

With that being said, enjoy your Summer! We hope that this first blog post was fun to read. Please leave us a comment.

See you soon xo

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