Swaudeez Clothing Brand Story

     I’ve always wanted to create a brand representing a group of people with a huge passion for a certain lifestyle and luckily my brother came up with a name that reflects that uniqueness. The word  Swaudeez literally means  Simply Wearing Authentic Designs.

Founded in Oct 2018, Swaudeez Clothing was supposed to be an apparel brand dedicated to a very specific audience.

Unfortunately after brainstorming ideas for months and not finding what I was looking for, Swaudeez was launched as a fashion boutique during summer 2019. There was nothing wrong with selling sexy dresses and skirts but I have to admit that it felt forced at some point. 

Deep down, my intention remained the same. I still wanted to start that apparel brand. And by the end of 2020 it finally clicked.


Finding the perfect shade of pink hoodies, pink sneakers and pink sweatshirts from famous big brands has always been a challenge for me and I realised that other pink lovers may face the same issue too.

And voilà, that’s how the rebrand started.

Swaudeez now exists for the sole purpose of providing pink apparel in different shades and sizes to girls who love pink. The main goal is to become the “adidas” of pink girls.

Thank you in advance if you decide to shop here, you’re supporting a dream 💖

Francia R. 

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