Shipping and returns

Updated June 23 2021 13:10 (FR)

How much does the delivery cost? How long does the delivery take?

Fees listed below are the minimum you have to pay when placing an order with us. Note that shipping fees depend on the package's weight and the country you live in. 

Due to COVID-19 please expect delays in delivering and tracking of parcels.

/!\ We're no longer shipping from France. We're currently working with American Fulfillment Centers.

 Country USA CAN Rest of the world
Min Delivery Cost 7,54€ 9,63€ 12,56€
Est Delivery Time 10 to 30 days
10 to 30 days
10 to 30 days

Will I be charged import tax?

It depends on the country of your residence. However you could be charged with custom duties before receiving your order.

Where is my parcel now? Has my order been shipped? 

You will be notified with all the steps! Please check your mail often. 

Still didn’t receive your parcel?

Don’t worry! If you received the two emails (confirmation order and items dispatched) , your parcel is probably already on its way.

How do I return? 

Faulty/defective goods with evident proof can obviously be returned and you will have to pay the shipment fees. Don’t forget to include a copy of the receipt. You will be given a store credit as a refund if the proof of damage has been verified by a member of our customer care team. This store credit is actually a code that you can only use once. It has no expiration date. 

Only damaged or unworn and unwashed items can be returned. 

Please contact us as soon as you can if you think you received defective items. We assume that you're fully satisfied with your order if we didn't get any request from you a week after the delivery date.

Therefore make sure you email us within 1 wekk to discuss about a possible exchange or return.

Feel free to email us if you have any other questions.